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mistress dominatrix
Age: 33

Location(s): Utrecht, The Netherlands For the right person i can travel of course... i have a nice car :)

enjoys: Feminization...
Reacts well to strict training and merciless punishment.
Chastity, long term forced chastity.
Behavioral training and obedience; Bondage, whip, oral, anal response training etc.

self description:
melissa Is obedient and submissive.
Housekeeping work is in line with her mental abilities.
These are difficult times and she is very eager to please.
It needs a lot more training before she'll be able to pass. 175m, 68kg, brown eyes, brunette (long), 33yo.


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sillymelissa2013 seeks : real time domination
sillymelissa2013 seeks : webcam domination
sillymelissa2013 seeks : online/email domination

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