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mistress dominatrix
Age: 71

Location(s): I live between the M25 and Stansted Airport, four miles from where Dr Beeching cut off the underground District Line. I have a car and drive to visit family on Merseyside and Northampton. I am single with no emotional ties.

enjoys: If you understand Transactional Analysis, my work has always been in the Parent ID but would love to relate to someone as an adult or child; I guess that makes me submissive. I hesitated with "slave" but decided against it as there is the odd thing I could not tolerate.
I would love to be owned by a woman of a possible range of sexualities.
This site contains a paradox so I will merely say at the outset that if I was secretly fed someone's HRT the first I would know about it would be a soreness in places, and would think it too late to change even if I was allowed to decide.
If I was not willing to serve a woman as she wished I would not be on this site; and that includes most things you would think of.

self description:
I have no up to date pictures at the moment as I have grown my hair long again; I have the same hairline as when I was a teenager, but now it is longer.
I have many and varied skills, picked up in some unusual circumstances, some you would not associate with a stereotypical male.
I am not interested in one off play, and how far it goes would be determined by the "chemistry" of personalities. I am willing to meet after getting to know someone here and by telephone etc.


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