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mistress dominatrix
Age: 56

Location(s): Edinburgh, Scotland

enjoys: To give pleasure to a Mistress.
maid service.
Bondage and restraint.

self description:
For a mutually compatible Mistress,
this sissy pledges total obedience on
her part and accepts that any failings,
at any time, however minor, will result
in punishment or humiliation.
This sissy recognises that her future
owner will wish to impose Her own
regimen of servitude and punishment etc.

Above all this sissy is a genuine
submissive, seeks to serve to enhance
a Mistress's life and happiness and
to strive continually to improve in
these goals. this sissy believes that
a true D/s relationship involves
mental as well as physical control.
A relationship also needs to be built
on initially mutual respect and,
in time, total mutual trust.
sissy is 5'9" (in stockinged feet), is
slim - weighing 130lbs, blue eyes and
wears blonde wigs. sissy dresses as a
sissy, a french maid or a slut. however
sissy recognises that an Owner will
always dictate how sissy appears.


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