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mistress dominatrix
Age: 40

Location(s): I live in East Anglia, could possibly travel, distance depends on who its for

enjoys: As a sub i wish to serve a dominant female, i have a particular interest to serve in a domestic situation.

Domestic servitude
Cross dressing

The list could go on

self description:
I'm quite new to this, would like to submit to a dominant lady who can ease me into the world of cross dressing and sissification in a way that pleases her.

Real life encounters are my ideal goal, however i can also use webcam (teamviewer) on my pc, also can communicate via email, or skype and kik on my mobile


My Wardrobe


Black satin knee length skirt, long sleeve green satin blouse

black lace knickers, pink basque

footwear still to be chosen

My Hair:
short black bob

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maxzoron seeks : real time domination
maxzoron seeks : webcam domination
maxzoron seeks : online/email domination

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